Apr 18, 2009

when d feeling is hurt :-(((

something happened just recently which really hurt and distracted me...(wish i could share this here but don't think it's wise to do so..) i just crashed..i cried.... my mind is swirling with thoughts about so much stuff. all mostly sad and this is making me so tired.... i wish i could argue but what right do i have?

Hurt is
lump in my throat
the pain in my side
the tears that are welled up behind my eyes
the well of tears that can't seem to overflow
the dream that is fading and falling apart little by little
the feeling of knowing i've lost my place on a pedestal in someone's life
knowing i've lost myself somewhere along the way
emptiness and tiredness
pressure and pretence and the burden of having to pretend that everything is okay

and is everything allright? Am not sure either... but think it is about time for me to 'berhibernasi' buat sementara until everything is ok, on my side... about time for me to be with a fren who is on her mission to mencari diri? i am lost and someone please help me to find myself again...


gee said...

Faiz..kita senasib laa...cuma ianya tak dapat nak dikongsi disini..kesedihan yg tak tertanggung..tp...Insya allah kita kuat menghadapinya..mungkin itu yg terbaik..utk aku...redha dan pasrah jalan akhirnya...

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,

Bunyi macam tak betul
Tapi yang paling Allah sayang lah
diujiNya macam macam
Coz He knows you're the strong one
Cuba uji aku
God knows what will happen..
Take all the time in the world to rest babe
But dont you EVER EVER quit
So not us
Take care!!

ps.. feel lepaking, buzz me anytime.


Norizan N - L said...

Iz, you need a shoulder to shed more tears on, ring me. How abt a "Get-A-way" somewhere, just the 2of us? Think abt it ...

faiz said...

Gee / Ha / Izan - thanks for ur concern and really appreciate it.. luv u all :)