Nov 4, 2008

HaPPy BirThDAy to ME..!!!!

Happy birthday to me..... on 1st colleagues surprised me with the birthday song and the cute cup cake... Well.. i fell asleep on my desk and woke up when I received SMS just before midnite from someone wishing me happy birthday... Dlm dok mamai2 nak menjawab, suddenly I heard birthday song from behind...arghhh....terkejut...they said purposely don't want to wake me up..but thanks to the sms sender..otherwise i might do something that will embarass la...mana la tau kot2 terlatah la plak..hehe... but my latah is not as critical as Winn ;-)) terkejut sket2 je....
Saturday morning, I still get few birthday SMSes..thank you..thank you...anyway, taking this opportunity to say thanks to all my frenz out there who still remember my birthday..though I selalu x ingat birthday depa...( i know i m bad....)..petangnya baru i dpt birthday wish from my teman tapi mesra...ingat kot dah lupa...and the best part is...nak hadiah apa? silap besar tue kalau tanya i nak hadiah pe..?? nak u, blh??? hehe...x kisah la nak kasi pe pun..yg penting the thought that is count kan....???


hajime said...

selamat manyambut hari ulang tahun ya!

faiz said...

thanks hajime!