Oct 11, 2008

dragon fruits

Pernah mkn dragon fruit? Nie extracted from the internet pasal dragon fruit

~~ The health benefits of Dragon Fruit are many, and all you need to do to reap the benefit of dragon fruit nutrients is to eat the fruit! By eating the highly nutritional pitaya fruit, you gain all of the general health benefits of the pitaya nutrients simply because pitaya fruit is a great all around healthy fruit to eat with lots of beneficial nutrients which are readily metabolized from the natural pitahaya fruit (For example, dragon fruit vitamin C is more easily absorbed than vitamin C from a pill supplement). Lots of vitamin C is in dragon fruit. Remember the amount of vitamin C in dragon fruit dried will be about 10x the amount of vitamin C in dragon fruit which is fresh (on gram for gram basis) ~~
Those yg ada diabetes pun elok amalkan makan buah nie..g la visit website nie..
http://diabeticlifediet.com/. Aku pun semenjak dua menjak je nie suka bangat plak ngan dragon fruit nie.. though it is a bit tasteless but the colour tue soooo inviting..hehe...sebijik nie aku ngadap sorang je...