Jul 24, 2009

HaPPy BirThDAy to Un. T..!!!!

maaf gambar terpaksa dikaburkan as Un. T prefer to remain anonymous..hehe

To my dear walid @ Un. T... .
On July 24th, I wish you a very Happy Birthday ..
you are very special and you deserve the best. I wish you a wonderful life filled with love and happiness.

I Appreciate You

You are a person
who makes life easier and better
for everyone around you

Your continual acts
of thoughtfulness and kindness
brighten each day

what you did for me
will glow in my memory
reviving pleasant feelings
every time I think about it
I appreciate you
and I thank you
p/s termiss plak N punya birthday entry.. anyway, happy belated birthday to N (July 21st) and wish you a gud health and al d happiness dat life can bring, today and alwiz!
(psssttt.. entry je yg lambat tp i dah wish on dat day itself tawwwww....)



Anna said...

Hey Babe: Happy birthday to walid aka Tony!! And to N too!!!

faiz said...

Anna - nanti i will convey ur msg to Un. T... weiiii... aku baru perasan awat buh nama dia.. hahaha.. and as for N.. hmmmmm

Hani said...

Sama la pulak birthday ehem ehem kita nih hah
Ex boypren ku pun
Read up my blog!!
abih la ko babe..
sama peel nih...

faiz said...

Ha - x sangka la plak razif & Un. T share d same birthday...haha..tp Razif tue i tgk lembut je..hehe.. Un. T garang tawwww.. tp apa2 hal pun i lg garang..kwang3x..ex-boipren..hmmmm...yg mana satu ek..ramai sgt ex...hahahaa...

Capijaa said...

Happy belated birthday to Uncle T (tak pernah jumpa pong...kalau jumpa masa kenduri that day mesti dapat tengok)

faiz said...

capijaa - tq..tq..(jwb on behalf ek..) tue la beb.. aku pung x dpt jmpa rosli..hehe...