Sep 13, 2009

Hepi Birthday to dear Izan.. :))

Today, 13th September....wishing a dear fren, a very hepi birthday...and may you have a wonderful life (which u already hv) & a great celebration ;-))

Friendship Reflect
Happy birthday my dear friend

A special birthday to attend
Wouldn’t miss it for the world
Laughs and stories we shall record
Our friendship began long ago
Support and sympathy, mutually bestow
Never envious or neglect
Always listen and reflect
Cherish everything we share
Hope you know how much I care
Just want to wish you all the best

On your day, what’s your request?
(p/s - cup cake enuf ar...)
~ by Martin Dejnicki ~

Fren/Sis Forever

p/s zan, gambar adalah dirembat dr FB okeh..hehe..



abang besi said...

epi besday to ur pren...=)

Sue M said...

anak sapa la pandai shot gmba ni... selain modelnyer peranan photographer juga penting tau..

faiz said...

abang besi - thank you.. (on behalf eh..)

Sue - ada bau2 mcm anak pak mohamad je yg jd photographernya tue..hehe...

Norizan N Littlechild said...

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! How wonderful to see that your entry, today was, solely, dedicated to me.
Iz, you are a DEAR friend, indeed, & yes, we are friends forever.
Again, THANX A MILLION, Iz, for this entry, but I'll have to take a "rain cheque" on your CUPCAKES.

Sue - yes, the credit has to go to the phtographer as well for taking a good picture of the B'Day girl.:)

Abg Besi - thank you for the wish. :)

faiz said...

zan - no prob..take ur time..juz let me know earlier if u r coming down to KL ;-) entry nie je la yg i blh buat pung... pssttt.. Ron kasi hadiah per..??? sori ek..membzkan body..hehe.. send my regards to him..

btw, zura ada tanya apa citer pulau kita? i suh dia tanya u sendiri..hehe...

Norizan N Littlechild said...

Ron has been warned not to buy anymore "big" presents for me, coz whatever he buys, mesti tak kena. Unfortunately, our likings are sooooo..... different. So, bila time2 special camni he'll pay for something that I'd buy for myself (mcm-le gi shopping ngan Ron I bayor sendiri. hehehe ...).

This year, he put some cash kat dlm Kad, so I could buy something for myself, for now. And, my next present will be a "shopping spree" in Bicester Village near Oxford in England where they sell original branded goods at very low discounted prices. I bought a very nice DKNY handbag when we were there in June this year that only cost me about RM300. The bag is very practical as it can cater for my 10" notebook yg I heret merata tempat. Thanks to my Sis-in-law who told us about this place. That's why we promised the girls (my nieces in London) we'd take them shopping there when we're back in England in Early Nov. Tak sabor rasanya.

Alamak! Rasanya plan kita nak ke Pulau kena postpone ke next year le pulak. Say sorry to the girls for me, ye. We'll try to make it next year, & Ron dah bagi green light utk kita gi, girls, saje.

faiz said...

zan - mmg kasi duit then beli hadiah sendiri yg plg best kalau ron kasik duit sure ribu riban punya ;-)

balik kg lg november nie and shopping lg..wahhhh..heavennya hidup..nak kirim..nak kirim..

okeh, pulau tue nxt yr pun nxt yr lah.. tp feb i ngan zura dah beli tiket p siam reap.. perhaps april la kot..sbb pulau2 bukak blk pun around dat time kan... yezzaaa... girls outing..bestnyer...!!!!

pas nie nak cari mana p diving log book...mana la tau kot2 blh refresh diving..hehehe..log book u ada??