Aug 21, 2009

birthday wish again....

to dear fren/sis,
Today, August 21st
I wish for you, a happy day
For lots of love, to come your way
May your heart be filled with cheer
That will last, through the coming year
Treat yourself to all you enjoy
And all the things you love
I hope that you get everything
That you’ve been dreaming of
Best wishes from my heart,sent your way
Hoping that much joy, be yours today
This special prayer for you,
I will say“God bless you on your very special day
You are someone special
and your birthday should be too!
Happy Birthday Azlina !!!!
sori ek..gambor nie k faiz cilok kat tagged.. yg penting ada gambor kome tiup lilin eh..hehe...


azlinaaa said...

terkezut tiba2 nampak nama n gambor gue..ish..ish..terharu ni...tq sis/fren forever... :)

faiz said...

na - cam x biasa la plak terkezut2, hadiah sapa plg best..hehe..k faiz nak nyanyi lagu anak ikan la..bleh ka..????